Cupid's Planner not only provides direct services for the empowerment of women and girls but we also offer a variety of workshops and consulting services. If you need a workshop facilitator, trainer, or conference speaker about women empowerment, goal setting, self-esteem development, or creating a healthy image, contact us.

Below are examples of our most popular workshops:

Inner Goddess Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to help women learn and clear their mind of self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts; learn self care techniques; begin the journey of life from a strength based perspective and to maximize their self confidence.

Audience: Women above the age of 21 years old

Time: 3 hours

Aphrodite’s Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to help women gain a deeper understanding of their sexual health, wellness, and obtain more pleasure during their sexual encounters.  Topics include: a review of a woman’s sexual life cycle; tips for reaching an orgasm and developing deeper intimacy with your spouse.

Audience: Heterosexual women above the age of 21

Time: 3 hours

Mindfulness Training Workshop

 The modern woman is faced with many competing priorities of work, family, friends, health, and God.  This workshop is designed to help women learn how to escape from the mundane routine of the day and gain a deeper self-awareness.  Activities included: meditation exercises, time management skills, identifying symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as techniques for overcoming them.

Audience: Women above the age of 21

Time: 2.5 hours

Mother and Daughter Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to build bridges of communication and understanding between mothers and their teenage daughters.  Interactive activities include role-playing, communication building activities and goal setting.

Audience: Mothers (ages 21+) and Daughters (13 -17 years old)

Time: 3 hours

Examples of prior workshops and events facilitated by Cupid's Planner include:  

Curvy Girlz Linger Soirée 

Empowered Women Summit

Inner Goddess Boot Camp

Adult Toy Parties

In addition, we can help your organization create evidenced-based programs and curriculums, implement and evaluate programs focusing on issues special to women and girls.

Contact us today to book a workshop for your social events, women's groups, church groups, or company's workshops.  Cupid's Planner requires at least a two weeks notice for workshops and a $50 dollar deposit. 

Not ready to host your own event? Check out our Event's Page to see what Cupid is up too.